Eyelash Extensions Care Tips

1.     Do not expose Eyelash Extensions to water for 24 - 48 hours. If washing the face use care to  avoid splashing water or cleanser onto the eye area. You can now purchase our water resistant add on and wet your lashes immediately. Instantly waterproof with this add on.

2.     Do NOT swim, shower, use hot tubs, or steam rooms for the first 24 hours.

3.     Avoid contact between eye creams, moisturizers or makeup removers and your Eyelash extensions. 

4.     Avoid any products that contain glycols, carbonates or organic solvents or urea getting in contact with the lashes. Products such as these can potentially break down the adhesive bond and shorten the time the extensions stay on.

5.      Products with high contents of alcohol should also be avoided.

6.     Regular Mascara is not recommended. Please note that repeated use of mascara may shorten the life of your Eyelash extensions. You can purchase Mascara made specifically for Eyelash Extension use!

7.     Curling of Eyelash extensions is not recommended and doing so may shorten the lifespan of the extensions by compromising the bond. Luxe provides complimentary Eyelash Extension Wands.

8.     Avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on your extensions. Any action which repeatedly puts stress or strain on your Eyelash extensions will cause them to come off prematurely.

9.    Remember to brush and clean your lashes regularly with eyelash extensions cleaner.

10. Eyelashes normally shed on a regular bases, multiple lash extensions may be lost on any given day.

11.  Visit Luxe Makeup & Lash Lounge for touchups every 2-3 weeks.


Dee and LashBox LA Team

Dee and LashBox LA Team

Lash Box LA Certified: Advanced MEGA Volume 2019

The UK Lash Institute Certified: MEGA Volume Lash Extensions

Borboleta Certified: Volume Lash Extensions

NovaLash Certified: Classic Lash Extensions

Luxe Makeup & Lash Lounge is proud to announce “Dee” as Advanced MEGA Volume Certified by LashBox LA. Our head Master Lash Stylist is 4 Times Certified in Classic, Volume, MEGA Volume and Advanced MEGA Volume lash extensions. Visit our lash studio for Exclusive “Instant Waterproof” Classic, Hybrid and Volume lash extensions in Houston. Lashes Last 2X’S Longer. Certified and properly trained on lash safety and education. Your lash health is always top priority!


  • Natural Looking Lash Extensions

  • Lash Retention

  • Water & Oil proof Lash Method

  • Volume & MEGA Volume Lash Extensions

  • Covering Lash Gaps & Missing Lashes

  • Healthy Lashes

Spring Lash Shed Tips

Spring lash shed season tips

Spring lash shed season is an unfortunate time of the year for many lash lovers. More frequent refills and unusual lash loss are the main staples. Lets start by defining spring lash shed season. It’s the beginning of spring where the body sheds hair more frequently. It also prepares for summer months by producing more oil to hydrate your body. During this season your lash tech will be sure to explain any questions you may have. If your lash fallout is more than tolerable we always recommend visiting your Doctor as there could be other issues occurring. Although, frustrating here are some tips to survive spring lash shed season.

  • Dolls Cleanse Your Lashes – It’s extremely important to cleanse your lashes daily during spring shed season. Also, allergy season, pollutants and the harsh Houston weather can wreak havoc on lash survival. Our goal is to keep those lashes flawless. Simply purchase lash extensions cleanser and cleanse daily. Lash cleansing prevents oil and pollutant build up on your lashes which causes premature lash loss and possible infection.  You can purchase lash cleanser directly from your lash stylist as well.

  • We recommend purchase of our Water/Oil Resistant Lash Method. Instantly waterproof and safe to use oils. Lashes Last 2X’s Longer. Highly recommended due to High Temperatures and Houston Humidity.

  • Ask for Lash Sealant. Due to Spring Shed Season we recommend sealing your lash extensions. Lash sealant will aid glue curing by forming a seal around lashes. It will also protect against sweat and dirt, which breaks down adhesive.

By taking these steps we can conquer spring shed season Dolls!