Spring Lash Shed Tips

Spring lash shed season tips

Spring lash shed season is an unfortunate time of the year for many lash lovers. More frequent refills and unusual lash loss are the main staples. Lets start by defining spring lash shed season. It’s the beginning of spring where the body sheds hair more frequently. It also prepares for summer months by producing more oil to hydrate your body. During this season your lash tech will be sure to explain any questions you may have. If your lash fallout is more than tolerable we always recommend visiting your Doctor as there could be other issues occurring. Although, frustrating here are some tips to survive spring lash shed season.

  • Dolls Cleanse Your Lashes – It’s extremely important to cleanse your lashes daily during spring shed season. Also, allergy season, pollutants and the harsh Houston weather can wreak havoc on lash survival. Our goal is to keep those lashes flawless. Simply purchase lash extensions cleanser and cleanse daily. Lash cleansing prevents oil and pollutant build up on your lashes which causes premature lash loss and possible infection.  You can purchase lash cleanser directly from your lash stylist as well.

  • We recommend purchase of our Water/Oil Resistant Lash Method. Instantly waterproof and safe to use oils. Lashes Last 2X’s Longer. Highly recommended due to High Temperatures and Houston Humidity.

  • Ask for Lash Sealant. Due to Spring Shed Season we recommend sealing your lash extensions. Lash sealant will aid glue curing by forming a seal around lashes. It will also protect against sweat and dirt, which breaks down adhesive.

By taking these steps we can conquer spring shed season Dolls!