Secrets To Long Lash Life

Secrets To Long Lash Life

1.     Do Not pull or tug on your lashes.

2.     When lashes are wet do not let water sit in your lashes. Always pat lash extensions with a dry towel to remove excess water.

3.     Try sleeping on your back or side to prevent lash tugging or flattening.

4.     Always use oil-free skincare products when possible to preserve lash life.

5.      Use a disposable micro-fiber wand or applicator moistened with makeup remover or a makeup wipe while removing makeup around your eyes and lash extensions.

6.     Stay away from extreme heat and steam when possible to prolong lash life. Choose our upgraded waterproof / oil resistant lash adhesive to prevent premature lash loss and extend lash life. When seasons change or when traveling our waterproof / oil resistant lash adhesive makes a huge difference. Luxe Dolls love it!

7.     Remember to clean lashes with a lash extensions cleanser weekly to prevent unwanted build up.

8.     Brush eyelash extensions with a disposable mascara wand to keep lashes well groomed.